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20% off the price off our range of tanks and cabinets limited availability until stocks are cleared.

Custom Tropical and marine aquariums with real wood cabinets.

All pictures on this site are actual installations carried out by the company. We design and build aquariums to your specification. All our aquariums are custom made. Bespoke aquariums to your specification. We build Marine and tropical aquariums. salt water tanks, Turtle tanks to your specification.

We build plug and play systems which just need salt water and switch it on. Our range of Blue Shark tanks come in a choice of finishes.

Our new sumps come in four sections with trickle tower. protein skimmer, heaters and refugium light compete with auto top up. We can supply for DIY installation or our engineers can do the installation for you.

All enquires to massuk2013@gmail.com

Bespoke tropical and marine aquariums

Wide range of styles.colours and sizes. The essential factor in cabinet construction is the ability to take the weight of the aquarium and to spread the load evenly across the floor. The frame is constructed of 3x2 pine with 18mm top and base and 12mm back.

the front and sides to customers specification. Most aquariums in aquatic shops and garden centres are specifically designed for tropical fish. adapted for marine with hang on skimmers. external filters which are totally unsuitable.

if you want Marine fish. The initial investment is essential in keeping marine fish in an appropriate environment. will ultimately save money iin replacing fish that die because they are not properly cared for.

Beware of false claims by inexperienced and unqualified operators. We are licenced by DEFRA


Most of our range of home aquariums and conversions can be installed in several hours in one visit. Because of Health and Safety regulations large aquariums are assembled on site due to the weight and size. some of these can take 12 weeks to complete depending on size.and curing time of glass.

Complete Marine aquariums with no water changes

Redesign wier taking up a fraction of the space. increased efficiency and silent running.Drawing water from the bottom and the top. turn over rate x 4 tank volume. increased oxygen levels. easier to conceal and requires no maintenance. Keeps live rock in peak condition drawing water through the rock. No dead spots, excellent circulation.

Constant water flow through sump. Skimmer operates 24/7, recommend auto top up to ensure consist salt water level.

Don't waste money on systems designed for tropical. buy salt water filtration systems designed to do exactly that.

Hand made cabinets in real wood.

The new premises offers greater flexibility in the manufacture of Aquariums and cabinets.with five experienced staff both in the construction and installation of our products we are able to offer an improved service.

We have a sperate tank building room and fish house as well as our work shop facility. We able to build systems in any size in glass up to 5 metres.

All  our aquariums carry a two year guarantee and covered by our public liability insurance.

our installation team are experienced in all forms of construction work.including all ground work and building work. electrical and plumbing services. 

we are able to under take assessment of floor loading for large aquariums. Hole in the wall.Shop fitting and commercial installations.Acrylic aquariums up to 500mm thick,and installation of commercial projects.



Site inspections, not sure what you want. need advice, 85 pounds up to 100 miles from Camberley. price on application for any other distance.

What do I get. written report and recommendation.


We offer a constancy service for marine/tropical and cold water fish. We also provide a design service for filtration systems. We provide site inspections and written reports based on an hourly rate of 25 pounds per hour. You can provide us with photographic evidence and test results for a prompt response to your enquiry.


NEW SERVICE for beginners and experience aquarist. E mail us with your question and receive a professional response. Due to pressure of work this may not be instant but we aim to reply in 24 hours

 Beginners guide to Marines 


Firstly we are all beginners. even after 40 years of studying marine fish as a biologist, I learn some thing new every day. There are no experts although there are many who claim to be. Keeping a marine aquarium is taking a piece of the reef and placing it in your home.from that day on you learn as you go. making mistakes learning from them. Its big investment. your fish have travelled thousands of miles to get to your aquarium and they deserve the best. To keep the beautiful colours and stunning shapes needs the right food, the right conditions and the right system.

Many people claim that Marine fish are difficult to keep. This is not true,As importers of Marine Fish and corals,we buy from around the world. There are many myths about Marine fish.

We buy fish from Indonesia. The fish are  put into plastic bags.and arrive at the airport six hours before the flight takes off. They fly to Heathrow,where they are taken off the plane and eventually find themselves in the border post. a shed next to the vets office. This journey takes in excess of 24 hours. Yes there are a few that don't make it. but generally they arrive alive and recover over night. To survive this journey is an indication of thier ability to cope with the stress of traveling.

Marine fish are hardy as long as the basic rules are applied. The system has to be able to remove pollution in the water. what is pollution? Feed the fish they go to the toilet. fish die.you cant strip the tank to get them out. Un eaten food causes pollution. dying corals/algae all add to the equations.

The rules for keeping Marine fish are the larger the aquarium the easier it will be to keep the fish you put in it. No disrespect to the Nano tank but it is very limited in what you can keep in it. The minimum size we recommend to keep fish and corals with any success would be 180lts. with a sump this increases the volume by up to 40lts.

The filtration system can only cope with the pollution level in the aquarium. there is no extra. You add a fish when the ammonia level is zero. Add bacteria and the ammonia will rise as the added fish pollutes the water. The filter will then catch up by adding bacteria and the level will return to zero. Do not add more than one fish at a time. Marine fish keeping is about patience.

External filters have a maximum capacity. it might be four fish,in which case the 5th  will die. there's no room for expansion.Its a sealed unit and limited in oxygen. Sponges clog up the filter faster than the bacteria can absorb it. Remove all sponges from the system and change to bio balls. water flows easily through this media. A deep bed sand filter has no limit its capacity is huge.Oxygen promotes bacteria growth.

The sump becomes an Eco system of its own. Food and waste are drawn from the bvase and then top of the aquarium into the sump.Not only is there a vast area of bacteria in the sand filter. but baby turbo snail/crabs coped plus any other creature you choose to add. its the same water and there fore capable of supporting life.

I have kept a yellow tang for 15 years,. A Majestic angel 20 years. and other fish equally successfully for over 10 years.

There is no comparison with tropical fish. Rivers. lakes etc are not compatible with the parameters of the oceans,. there is very little fluctuation in salt,ph etc and the fish are unable to cope with it.It is far more practical to invest in a system designed specifically for marine fish than attempt to keep in a tropical aquarium.

Our conversion kits are as efficient as a full set up. and we convert your existing aquarium. Our system will ensure many years of successful fish keeping. It takes up to 12 months for the system to fully mature.it will then be ready to upgrade if you chose to keep hard corals requiring metal Halide lighting. An investment which is expensive and totally pointless while the aquarium matures and develops.

There are many conflicting arguments about how to keep marine fish. however generally speaking the local aquatic store do not have the facilities to offer a specialist Marine system. They can only provide you with a set up designed for tropical fish and hang on filters etc. All our systems are designed for Marine fish and every thing is located in the cabinet making a truly spectacular piece of furniture.If you want to be successful, an investment in a special designed and tested set up is an essential for marine fish keeping.

How does it work.

Rivers and streams, lakes fluctuate substantial with variations in PH, temperature and pollution levels depending on the time of year. weather and especially heavy rain. Fish and inverts adjust to these variations.

The vastness of the ocean with the deepest parts being several miles deep, there is very little variation in PH. salinity and pollution levels. The sea being a vast filtration system. However there are variations in light.which not only becomes dimmer the deeper in the sea but colour variations of light that penetrate the sea.

The effects of global warming are seen in temperature in excess of 28 degrees which kill off corals. The sea is becoming warmer and corals and inverts do not have the ability to survive.Many countries like Shi lanka have banned the export of corals.

In buying corals therefore it is important just like plants to establish there location on the reef. Hard Corals tend to be in shallow water to get the full benefit of day light. Softer corals can be some metres deep on the reef wall.The importance of water flow is an essential factor in keeping corals. since they are unable to move they are totally Dependant on the flow of water to feed. As long as you can see the coral moving in the water flow they will be able to capture food.

Feeding corals. There are many products on the market available to the aquarist. The general rule is how much of the food is absorbed by the corals and how much pollute the water. With only a few corals use sparingly

The Facts

Do you have several hours every week to carry out a minimum of 10% water changes.Do you have the funds to replace dead fish because the system doesn't keep them alive. can you afford the considerable electricity bill as a result of high wattage pumps and lighting. External filters are fine with tropical and cold water systems. Marine fish are totally different and need a new approach to keep them alive and healthy. So why no water changes?water evaporates as a result of the open top and sump. this is essential so that gases in the water can escape to air. Only pure water evaporates as it does in the sea. This is automatically topped up by the RO unit. The water is changed constantly providing a balanced environment.

These are questions that you should be asking. Many of the standard set ups are manufactured in south east asia.The quality of the cabinets is insufficient to prevent salt attacking the melamine.

In constructing our systems we design them individually selecting the appropriate equipment with low power consumption.our new products such as our new filter media which includes impregnated bacteria.but also releases calcium to ensure a stable PH. Our salt is a completely new concept in marine technology. The set up can be fully automated with lighting on timer and a float switch to ensure constant stable water levels. Leaving just water testing on a weekly basis.

We provide you with water testing logs so that in the event of any problem our support team can advise you of any adjustments required. We now offer Sea water from the indian ocean and live sand from the sea bed creating a truly natural environment. Yje initial cost is slightly higher but only pure water evaporates and is replaced by the RO unit.

The solution.

Keeping marines is never going to be cheap. The cost of shipping fish by air is ever increasing. The cabinet you fall in love with may be totally unsuitable for your intended use. You need to identify a budget and look for a specialist system to achieve your objective.

How does our system work.

Taking the gold fish bowl as a basic example. After a day or so it becomes murky and smelly. if you feed the fish they go to the toilet. this pollutes the water and creates ammonia. this kills fish. they literally die in thier own excrement.The filter breaks down the ammonia to less toxic nitrite.still capable of killing fish. and finally to Nitrate which is less toxic. In a tropical rivers and streams,plants absorb nitrate as food and complete the cycle.

In a marine system same process. same pollution except water changes are required to eliminate Nitrate since there are no plants.If using tap water the pollution levels are higher than the water your changing. you therefore have to use pure RO water. Nitrate will still kill fish and corals.Using calurpa in the aquarium is not an option. its eaten by the fish and will spread over the aquarium out of control In the sump its managed and harvested.then fed to fish.

In the sea there is a constant movement of water. the waves, the currents all for one purpose to generate oxygen.The gasses in the water can only escape at the surface and therefore there has to be movement over the entire aquarium area other wise cold spots are created.The hood has to be open so that these gasses can escape and are entirely harmless.There is no smell and the gases disperse into the air.

The sump is an open lid aquarium located in the cabinet.The skimmer and pump are positioned in the first chamber since the water level remains constant.The second chamber contains live sand and calurpa(sea weed) this is lit 24/7 to force grow the plant and constantly absorbs nitrate and expel oxygen.

The final chamber contains the return pump and bio balls which remove the ammonia. There are no areas of dead water flow. the efficiency of the filter is 50% higher than externals and stocking levels increase by 60%. No water changes and with a float switch and RO unit the system becomes  automated. Why is that you ask? When every one else tells you water changes are esential why do we say no its not.

The system we have developed has an open top. this allows gases to escape at the surface. Glass lids prevent evaporation which is an essential factor of the eco system. The objective is to recreate a piece of the reef in your home. There are no external filters in the sea. Just natural filtration. The flow of water at the surface,running down the pipe work to the sump and into the sump chambers creates evaporation and oxygen. just as it does in the sea. only pure water evaporates leaving the salt in the system. By fitting a float switch to the sump connected to an ro unit. this evaporation creates a natural and consistent means of changing the water. The balance of the aquarium remains constant.The fish prefer mature water.

What happens when you carry out a water change. Firstly you can be as accurate as can but you can not achieve an exact replica of temperature and salinity of the aquarium.this causes an imbalance to the system.

What about the water you tip down the drain. not only does it contain salt. but parasites. bacteria and polluted water and infects the sewage system.

The heaters are located in the sump so that all that is required are circulation pumps in the aquarium concealed in the rock work.

Live Rock.

The seas natural filtration is dependant on sea weed and the bacteria growing in rock and sand.Live rock there fore is an essential factor in the marine set up however each piece displaces water and therefore the quantity has to be balanced on a practical basis of visual appearance and reduction in the water volume.in a four foot tank about 30 kilos is sufficient. there are no sponges in our system. that's because the sponges captures all the pollutants and prevents them from reaching the sump. The sump is an eco system of its own with star fish. copeds tiny crabs.all of which depend on the food passing from the aquarium. The waste sinks to the bottom of the sand filter and broken down by bacteria. The sump is lit 24/7 so that the calurpa grows to its maximum level.It is then harvested and fed to the fish.

A marine Aquarium offers hours of entertainment in watching the creatures of the sea. shrimps.crabs fish and corals. In todays society most customers do not have the time or the inclination to spend time on constant water changes and adjustments. Invest in some thing that works rather than waste money on some thing that doest.

Our Systems are Guaranteed for two years with our insurance backed product policy. These systems are hand made in the  UK not in china or some european country. Our work shop manufactures cabinets doors and many other wood products.

Why are Marine fish different.

Like all creatures they need oxygen to live. They absorb Oxygen through thier gills and discharge salt water through thier bodies. The sea creates the oxygen through the waves and currents.The warmer the water the less oxygen. water movement is therefore essential with water from the bottom of the tank being drawn to the surface. In a sealed exterior canister this cant happen. For a sump system the whole volume of water should pass through the sand filter at least 4 times an hour.

When buying fish look closely for any signs of sickness and ask to see them feeding. alert fish swimming normally will probably be ok.There are many healthy fish caught with nets buy from recognised aquatic centres. Marine fish are not hard to keep but some fish are still caught using cyanide and dying before you buy them. good quality fish will live 10/15 years

If your budget doesn't include a custom built aquarium we can supply you with Live sand essential for a good system. Live rock and quality protein skimmers. The live rock isn't just for decoration the bacteria in the rock is essential part of the filter system.

We recommend  Salt for a stable environment at a level of 1.034/ 1.025, ph 8-3 and temperature of 27c.

Water life 8-3 buffer

Water life iodine booster

Water life bacterlife bacteria.

contact us at massuk2013@gmail.com

The Cost

Having been through the process of setting up a marine system as a complete novice. I firmly believed that my knowledge of Tropical Fishkeeping would be enough. It was not. The difference between tropical and Marine is totally different. Tropical fish cant live in the sea and Marine fish cant live in fresh water. They are both fish and that's as near the resemblance of common ground.we are here to advise you on the correct process to ensure success.

Salt water has a greater density than fresh water. The fish need higher levels of oxygen and a stable environment. Temperature around 79 degrees. Salt between 1.024 and 1.025. The salt level is determined by the temperature of the water. A temperature of 82 degrees and salt level of 1.024 is totally different. the higher the temperature the greater the salinity and lower the oxygen level.

It is this kind of knowledge and information that ensures success in keeping marine fish. this is what we do. there is no point in selling a complete set up if it becomes to complicated for the customer to understand. We offer a maintenance contract if you have limited time available.

Marine fish keeping is not cheap nor is there any success in trying to do it on the cheap its wasted money.

we recommend our 3 x 2 x 2 set up as being the minimum size suitable for a beginner.any thing smaller will have limited success. these come in a range of colours from white/black to pine/oak or any suitable finish. Our white unit in satin finish is ready for shaker doors below and these start from £960 with our new efficient eco wier.

For the DIY enthusiast we supply a Diy set up which comprises Aquarium to your specification.base unit and sump with pipe work. this ideal in situation where the kitchen is being refitted and the front and sides can be made to match your layout with your own fitters or your qualified to do it your self.

In order to help you the customer our terms are 50% deposit balance on completion so that the payment is spread over the construction period.
Our insurance with AXA insurance covers us for the manufacture/delivery and installation of all of our products.we are insured for up to 5,000,000.

We don't mass produce aquariums, we build one off systems and therefore that is reflected in the price. The minimum thickness of glass for aquariums is 10mm and for sumps is 8mm. We try to avoid braceless tanks as the risks are much higher.

what so special about our systems.

Designed for Marines

Natural filtration using live sand from the sea bed

Calurpa real sea weed which roots in the sand.

The sump becomes a complete eco system with minute star fish/shrimps and crabs.

No sponges as these create phosphates and nitrates.

Top of the range in efficiency for skimming.

Double the stocking levels

No water changes

Stable system.

Weve breed sharks in an aquarium that had no water changes in seven years.

It works and takes the stress out of fish keeping.

Buy one now. for some thing totally unique

If you have questions, or would like more information, please leave your name and contact information.It will help if you provide as much information as possible.


* indicates a required field


The only way to successfully keep  Marine fish is to buy Net caught fish. Cyanide caught fish survive only months already poisoned by the cyanide.Many shops don't care because they know you will be back to buy more. People give up because they are to hard to keep. Marine fish can live over 20 years if they are caught and cared for properly.

Our partnership with our supplier guarantees quality fish in a wide range of sizes and species. We don't have the facility to keep the fish you can collect or we deliver the minium of one box. with weekly shipments.

There are people on the internet who object very strongly with what we do. It interferes in the profits of cyanide caught fish which costs pennies.

People like Peter Norman of Woking who has engaged in various protests against net caught fish. look at the videos on our fish farm website at www.mytchettfishfarm.com

Take a look at our new web site for Sea Food, displays and commercial projects.

People in the trade will tell you that blast fishing and cyanide fishing are a thing of the past. Its now used in over 30 countries around the world. Many of the fish sold in the uk are caught with cyanide. Its easy,just squirt a bit of cyanide into a hole and the fish either dies or is stunned never the less survival is likely to be around 12 months.

Many hobbist give up because they claim to be too hard to keep. Not true. Many fish live to 25 plus in captivity.

Edible fish like grouper are caught with cyanide. The problem is that stocks of cod are diminishing rapidly and in 20 years will be gone unless action is taken now.


Research confirms  that in 20 years fish stocks around the world will be depleted to a point where there will be very little left to catch.

Fish farming is the future source of food and already salmon and trout farms produce huge stocks allowing wild fish to recover. It takes three years from the egg to a full grown salmon and are bred disease free

Many marine aquarium fish are now bred in captivity and corals farmed to reduce the devastation caused by cyanide and blast fishing on the reefs. Fishermen now have to travel for five to seven days to find fish to collect. the local reefs have been destroyed.

We are setting up our own fish farm. Breeding and growing on Edible sea fish in our new marine centre. Reducing the pressure on already  damaged reefs. We have already successfully bred three species of sharks, We will continue our program sending sharks back to the wild.

People are shocked when we tell them no water changes but this is a system that's been around for some years. algae scrubber are very simple means of removing nitrates and phosphates and we include them in our new system. Of course its not popular in the trade. they lose sales in RO water and salt.

Our systems are designed to replicate the reefs and provide the ultimate aquarium a stunning moving picture. No water changes. stable systems guaranteed  for successful fish keeping.

want to get involved contact massuk2013@gmail.com


The difference between tropical fish and marine fish is salt water. Some fish such as Salmon have evolved over hundreds of years to move freely from one to the other. The majority of fresh water fish cant live in the sea and the revere. In reality therefore aquariums built and designed for fresh water fish cant maintain salt water fish in the same system. Many people claim they are too hard to keep they are not. provided they have the appropriate filtration.

The sea is vast and the parameters vary small. there are fluctuations in temperature dependant on the current flow. but marine fish can adapt easily to this in thier natural environment.

Lets talk about calculations and constructive planning. Who makes these rules is uncertain 2 inches of fish per gallon of water? this is at thier adult size.  I prefer 1 inch per gallon of water. therefore a 100 gallon aquarium will sustain 100 inches of fish at adult size.

This is of course based on the type of filtration system. A cannister filter when fully matured and at its maximum could as an example maintain 50 inches of fish. it will never be able to cope with any more.

Our system has an infinite loading. its open to oxygen for bacterial growth. the approbate flow rate for skimmer and trickle tower. contains the correct media. requires minimum maintenance. No water changes. The system replicate the ocean and the fish thrive.

The investment is greater but having to constantly replace dead fish balances this out.

The animal welfare act specifies that all animals including fish must be maintained in thier natural environment. This includes all the parameters to keep fish in the correct environment. Salt levels/ph/ temperature/ammonia-nitrite and nitrate. Where stability is a problem the act is breached and an offence has been committed.

We are the only company offering this system. No water changes. higher stocking levels,healthy fish. If your looking for quotations from other companies bear in mind. we don't use lamaite or chip board. don't offer flat pack. only solid wood hand built systems made in the UK. You get what you pay for. There are companies who offer cheaper prices using second hand and reclaimed glass which are inferior our glass comes from pilkiinton.

So what is it all about. marine fish travel thousands of miles to get to your home. To die in a totally unsuitable environment. its the hobbist responsibility to reduce the deaths to a minimum.

Marine fish keeping can not be achieved on the cheap.

We offer free advise on how to maintain these levels by contacting our advise line on massuk2013@gmail.com


They say that proof is in the pudding. Our sharks are breeding. The Epaulette sharks have laid not only one pouch but seven so far. This tank has not had a water change for nearly two years and obviously its good enough to produce baby sharks. The Pouches are all fertile and therefore hopefully in 90 days we will have baby sharks.

What does this mean to conservation. We can send them back to Australia and save any more being caught. That's the objective of Breeding programs. The quality of the water must be good enough for them to breed but to lay pouches goes a long way to prove that waterchanges just aren't necessary.

More information on massuk2013@gmail.com

The Complete Marine Aquarium

We provide the complete service. from design and build.to installation,stocking of the aquarium and maintenance. but much more than that. Looking for the Wow factor you're come to the right place. We provide some thing very special and unique. With a huge range of fish/corals and inverts available to us,The aquariums are tailor made to your specification. For Corporate Aquarium installations we supply systems designed around your company requirement to complete a stunning display.

Complete aquariums for the beginner.low maintenance and easy fish keeping. full instructions and technical back up.

The combination of our import licence and our pet shop licence insures we can buy only the very best in fish and corals

For full specification e mail us on massuk2013@gmail.com

ROOM DIVIDER AQUARIUMS with picture frame view on one side and enclosed cabinet on the other. The thickness of most walls is 9 inches. The volume of water in a marine system is an essential factor. the larger the volume the easier to keep. Any variation in pollution levels is slower and therefore easier to control. Small tanks its instant.

Our basic systems are manufactured in pine. this is resistant to salt. MDF,Chipboard etc absorb the moisture. We also build in Hardwood.Oak etc our real wood aquarium cabinets.

Style,Colour and size are to customers specification.

Our Service Manager John. installing our system in Wimbledon. this is a double false wall enclosing both sides of the aquarium. Access to filters and aquarium on one side.picture frame  on the other.


This aquarium is 3120 x 1200 x 600 deep. Built as a shark tank on a wooden base and idea as a central attraction. Filtration in the base comes with hood and lighting.

Oak cabinet with side cupboard under construction on site
Pine cabinet ready for staining with hand made shaker doors
Custom aquariums and cabinets in real wood made in the UK

The Ultimate Aquarium Ltd


Registered Office

Rgistered in England and Wales

145-157 St johns Street




Enquiries  07527456151

Directors Sharon Bandy & Daniel Patterson.

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